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We believe lighting is an integral part of creating exceptional spaces that are functional, aesthetic and memorable in their own right.


Lighting should be beautiful but also functional for the space and its uses.


Exceptional lighting requires a bit of know-how. Style, placement, size and finish should be selected based on the parameters and functional requirements of your space. We are at your service to help you get it just right.


We have made a commitment to quality. If you are not happy you have 30 days to return it for a full refund. See our Refund Policies here.

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How do i determine the right size for my fixture?

There are some common rules of thumb that you can use to determine the right size for your light fixtures.

If your fixture will be free-hanging, meaning not hanging over a table or counter and where you need clearance for people to walk beneath it, the appropriate size is calculated based on the width, length and ceiling height of the room.

To determine the appropriate diameter, add the width and length of the room in feet and convert the sum to inches. For example, if the room is 8'x10' the appropriate size is 18".

In terms of chandelier height, we recommend that the light is 3" tall for every foot of space between the floor and ceiling. You can find this number by multiplying the height of your ceiling (in feet) by three and converting that figure to inches. For example, if your ceilings are 10' high, your chandelier should be 30" tall (10 x 3 = 30).
For fixtures going over dining tables select a fixture with a diameter that is somewhere between half to three quarters the diameter (or length) of the tabletop. For example, if your dining room table is 48" wide x 60" long an appropriate size for the chandelier would be between 30" to 45" in length. If your table is round and 60" in diameter, the appropriate size chandelier would be between 30" to 45" in diameter.

If you are using multiple pendants over a counter, kitchen island or dining table you want to space your pendants approximately two feet apart. That means that if you have a smaller island that is in the 4-5 foot range you need two small or two medium pendants. If you have a larger island, you will need three medium or three large pendants.

What is the correct height for my light fixture?

As a general rule if people will be able to walk underneath the fixture allow at least 7 feet of clearance between floor to the bottom of the fixture.

If hanging a fixture above dining room tables, islands, counters or any work surface allows at least 30" to 36" clearance between your table top and the bottom of your fixtures.

How do i know if the dimensions of a fixture will work for my space and ceiling height?

Ceiling height and the height and suspension length of your fixture are important factors to take into account. When choosing your fixture take your ceiling height and subtract your table or counter height and 30"- 36" clearance to establish the vertical space you have for your light fixture. Check the light fixture height and suspension length to make sure the fixture will fit well into the remaining vertical space without cramping or - for very tall ceilings - getting lost or looking diminutive.

What light color/temperature should I choose for my light fixture?

Light color or professionally referred to as light temperature measured in Kelvins refers to the color hue emitted by the light bulbs or LED chips of a light fixture. It can be golden yellow (warm) or blueish (cool).

As an interior designer I usually check with the end users before deciding on the color temperature. Some clients prefer warm light and some white light. It is a very subjective thing not unlike tastes in foods. Residential lighting traditionally is warm (yellow/golden) but in the past few years white or cool light has become increasing popular. It is a more modern and edgy look. I find the majority of my customers still prefer warm light and some even hate any white light which appears uncomfortably bright to them. On the other hand some don’t like warm/yellow light at all. So I survey the users first off.

Secondly, I usually try to stick with either warm or cool light throughout a property. Mixing light temperatures tends to look like a mistake and unprofessional.
Personally I like to pick color temperatures based on the color palette and also the function of the room. Cool light in a primarily warm/yellow/gold/earth colored space can give the yellow/warm colors an unhealthy greenish tint. And reversely, yellow light in a room of primarily cool hues such as blues, purples, silver, etc. can appear muddy and dirty. Whereas white or cool light tends look stunning in such a space. However, another consideration is that cool light also tends to be “cool” in terms of mood and come across less friendly than warm light. Somewhat like Elsa in the blockbuster animated Disney movie “Frozen”. She is stunningly pretty as portrayed but has some “cold-hearted” tendencies as a character which is reflected in her primary blue/purple and icy silver color palette. So if I was lighting a space to sell cutting edge Audi’s for example, I’d probably use cool light. If I was lighting a cozy family living room with fireplace and all, I’d probably go for the warm light. Some prefer even their living room to be cool and edgy so again, the user's tastes rank high.

How do i clean my light fixture?

Each light fixture comes with its own directions and instructions. However, below are universal standards that apply to most light fixtures:

1. Turn the light off before cleaning.

2. Put on soft fabric gloves to avoid scratching or finger printing the fixture.

3. Use standard ladders, step stools or scaffolding to gain comfortable access to the fixtures following the given safety procedures for your access tool.

4. Wipe down the fixture with a clean, lint-free and DRY cloth. CAUTION: Never use water or any chemicals on any light fixture. Avoid contact with any acids, liquids or abrasives and the light fixture as they can corrode them and create safety hazards.

5. CAUTION: Avoid any pulling or undue stress on any of the fixture's parts, body or connections. Never use the fixture to support yourself or any of your tools or ladders.

How do i store light fixtures that will not be installed immediately?

1. Upon receipt open the box and inspect the light fixture for any obvious damage. Report any damage or missing parts to us so they can be replaced. This is important because claims for damage that occurred during shipping and transit must be filed with the carrier immediately. For that reason, damage or missing parts reported more than 14 days after delivery cannot be covered by Jade Connor Design Store.

2. Store the boxes with the lid open in a well ventilated space with low humidity. Build-up of moisture and poor ventilation can corrode the fixture over time. So ensure any moisture built up in transit can evaporate. If you are not planning on installing the fixtures immediate make sure you have a proper temperature and moisture controlled space to store them in until the time comes to install them in their permanent location.

How long are shipping times?

Most of our products will be delivered within 30 days or less except for some bulkier furniture and lighting pieces. You can find more data about estimated delivery times for each product on its respective product page.

As soon as your product ships, you'll receive a tracking number that will let you keep tabs of where your order is at all times.

What's your return policy?

If you are not happy with a purchase you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of receipt of the item. Return items to Jade Connor Design Inc, 1202 Colorado Ave Glenwood Springs, CO. The refund will be issued upon receipt and inspection of the item. All items must be returned undamaged and with their original packaging intact. Return shipping costs are your own responsibility.

How to clean crystal chandelier?

Use a dry soft cloth for all metal finishes. Do not use water. Crystals may be cleaned with a clean, soft and damp cloth or one with a small amount of glass cleaner. Canned Air can also be used to dust the chandelier. Vacuum the floor underneath afterwards.

How to install a chandelier?

Installation procedures vary from product to product. All chandeliers and light fixtures must be installed by a certified electrician who should follow the installation instructions provided.